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j e r e m y   d   s l a t e r

( i n s t a l l a t i o n / p e r f o r m a n c e s )


an ambient/reactive sound/video installation/performance with dance/movement

INSIDE/OUTSIDE 10 is an ambient performance/sound installation that is interactive/reactive
(sound and video) with dancers/performers and participants movements.

Dimensions: 2.43 meters (8 feet) in diameter
Materials: Speakers, Video Projector, Monitor, Computer


Costume Design: JEY PARK

INSIDE/OUTSIDE was conceived and produced by JEREMY D. SLATER

The Sanskrit word mandala means "circle" in the ordinary sense of the word. In the sphere of religious practices and in psychology
it denotes circular images which are drawn, painted, modeled, or danced.
-Anthony Storr from "The Essential Jung"

"An ambience is defined as an atmosphere, or a surrounding influence: a tint. Ambient music is intended to induce calm and a space to think.
It must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular."
-from Brian Eno's original liner notes for Ambient 1: Music for Airports

+Ambient performance: a performance which happens intermittently throughout a given evening or space of time.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE is an attempt to create a meditative space for the viewer to contemplate. The shape is inspired by sand paintings of Tibet and the American Indians
and so many magic circles. The installation itself is a temporal, ephemeral space that exists in time.The dance too is inspired by these configurations. Not unlike a sand
painting, the installation is assembled, contemplated for a time, and then disassembled (swept away) at the end. This installation exists for a few weeks, is assembled by various
modern base materials (wood, light from the projector and monitor, sound created electronically) and transformed (alchemy)
with electricity and movement into a contemplative environment.

This work is a personal meditation on life in a huge metropolis. Like other large cities Seoul has a very fast pace. People are always in a rush to get from place
to place. It seems that people forget how to slow down and really focus on something. INSIDE/OUTSIDE is an attempt to allow the viewer the space and time to contemplate.
The work’s pace and cadence is deliberately slowed down to counteract the fast pace of the city.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE is an ambient interactive/reactive performance/sound installation with speakers arranged in a circular formation with multiple sources of sound: live mixed computer sound
(real-time mix/ pre-recorded loops of sound), and live sampled sound, field recordings, guitar, and ambient sound from outside with a video illumination with ambient footage and live video mix with
images from inside and outside projected from above. The installation can stand alone and involves ambient performance+.  The ambient performance consists of dancers moving very slowly within the
performance space triggering sound and video in the computer with foot switches located around the installation.

The configuration of the installation is based on many magic circles and spirals. Sand Paintings from Tibetan Monks and American Indian Shaman are the inspiration for the shape of the installation
and dance. The video, sound and movement are also based on these configurations. Sound is looping continuously with real-time improvised music as the loops of sound with drones created from field
recordings and guitar interact to create a spiraling soundtrack. The video is a series of loops triggered by the dancer's movements. The movement by the dancers is also based on these circular formations.

The purpose of the installation/ambient performance is to create an ambient performance space in which the performers interact with the projected/illuminated image and sound that changes gradually over
time. The installation/performance space should create a space for the viewer to think/meditate which is unobtrusive and ambient. The piece is about the juxtaposition of an outside environment with an inside
environment, an interplay of the outside ambience with a controlled inside environment with two opposing spiraling movements of dancers. The performance/installation happens live, in real-time and is informed as
much by the musicians sounds and pre-existing parameters for movement as it is by the chance and ambient sounds/images from outside. The performance will be improvisation within a structure.

I am collaborating with performers to define the movement within the space. The dance/movement will be in time with the music and will also be ambient.
The performers will improvise around the installation very slowly in time with the music. These opposing movements are representative
of the opposing elements of inside/outside as well as time in its movement clockwise and the counter movement counter-clockwise creating a visual tension.
Movement/performance will happen on the inside platform with an interaction with foot switches and in a circle around the outside edge of the installation.
Dancers/participants movements will affect the sound and video mix.

The viewer will encounter the space with spiraling performer(s) and music/sound and depending on where the person is, the music sound will change.
The mix of the sound is dependent on the viewer's position in the space. When no performance is happening, the viewer/participant is invited to walk in the area of the
installation/sculpture on the platform where foot switches are to interact with the installation.

Soojin Park, Makoto Matsushima, Dong Uk Kim, Su-Hee Jeon, Seung Jin, Ahn Hyun Sook, Sooim Kwan

Thanks to Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon, Sanghee You, Heaven Baek, Natacha Paganelli, Eric Ellul, Celine Bacque Kim, Geoff Matters, Kenya Kawaguchi, Yogiga Expression Gallery,
The Flying Monkey's Workshop, KOPAS, Baek Ki Kim, Su Kim, Chan-Kook Park. Hee-Young Kim, Jae-sung Choi, Hyun-seok Kim, Na-Young Yoon, Youngsook Kim, and the rest of the
staff at the Geumcheon Art Factory (Seoul Art Space).

at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon

Jeremy D. Slater, Natacha Paganelli, Saskia Janssen, Jasmina Llobet & Luis Fernández Fons

Curated by Hee-Young Kim